A water soluble mineral feed for administration via the drinking water containing the most important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and some amino acids necessary for the health, growth and development of poultry and all other livestock.

ANCOVITAL is a comprehensive, effective and highly palatable feed supplement for use at times of stress and to maintain optimal hydration. Particularly recommended to support the growth rate of young birds, especially in their first 5 days of life.

Target species

Poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, camels, rabbits, horse.á

Feed components

Sodium sulphate 69.0 %, Potassium chloride 8.7 %, Sodium chloride 5 %, Magnesium sulphate 7 aq 1.2 %.

Analytical composition

Sodium 24.31 % – Magnesium 0.98 % – Methionine 1 % – Lysine 1.5 %

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A ááááá (E672)áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 1350 000 IU (as Vit A propionate)

Vitamin D3 ááá (E670)áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 200 000 IU

Vitamin Eá (α-tocopherol acetate) ááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 1.35 g

Vitamin Káááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 4.35 g

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin Sodium phosphate 2aq) ááááááá 4.35 g

Vitamin B3 (niacine) áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 16.7 g

Vitamin B6 (pyroxidine HCl) áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 2.35 g

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine) ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 11.35 mg

Vitamin Cáááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 1 g

Pantothenic acidááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 5.35 g

Lysine áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 15 g

DL-methionine ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 10 g

Copper as copper sulphate 5 aqá (E4) áááááááááááááááááááá 1.5 g

Manganese as manganese sulphate 1 aqá (E5)ááááááá 0.98 g

Zinc as zinc sulphate 1aqá (E6)áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 4.38 g

Administrationáááááááá ááááááááááááááááááááááá

ANCOVITAL is given as a supplement to the normal feed ration:

150g ANCOVITAL per 205 litres of drinking water for 5-6 consecutive days.

Pack Size



For Animal Use Only.

Store dry and at room temperature.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.



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