Vitamin A                                             25 000 000 IU

Vitamin D3                                            4 750 000 IU

Vitamin E                                                      5 050 IU

Vitamin K3                                                       4.85 g

Vitamin B2                                                       4.75 g

Vitamin B6                                                       2.75 g

Vitamin B12                                                 11.75 µg

Nicotinamide                                                   16.5 g

Calcium pantothenate                                     5.75 g

Vitamin C                                                           25 g

Biotin                                                           10.25 µg

Copper sulphate 5 aq.                                  13.25 g

Iron sulphate 1 aq.                                          5.25 g

Manganese sulphate 1 aq.                           12.75 g

Magnesium sulphate 7 aq.                            12.75 g

Zinc sulphate 1 aq.                                       13.25 g

Potassium chloride                                       73.75 g

Lysine HCl                                                         15 g

DL-methionine                                                    12 g

Sodium chloride                                            48.75 g

Excipients                                                 up to 1 kg



BROILER BOOST MULTIVITAMIN is a balanced complementary feed containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids in water soluble form.



BROILER BOOST MULTIVITAMIN can be used to promote growth of commercial broilers and chicks up to 8 weeks of age, and also to combat stress during periods of high temperature, after vaccination and as an aid in recovery from disease to boost performance of the stock.



Routine:           150 g / 200 litres drinking water for 7 consecutive days

Strategic:         150 g / 300 litres drinking water during 3rd to 6th weeks of age

Vaccination:    150 g / 200 litres of drinking water one day before and after




150 g sachets, 1 kg pots.


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