Vitamin A                                             20 000 000 IU

Vitamin D3                                          4 800 000 IU

Vitamin E                                             5 000 IU

Vitamin K3                                           5 g

Vitamin B2                                           4.8 g

Vitamin B6                                           2.5 g

Vitamin B12                                         12 µg

Nicotinamide                                       17 g

Calcium pantothenate                         6 g

Vitamin C                                            7.5 g

Biotin                                                   10 µg

Copper sulphate 5 aq.                        13 g

Iron sulphate 1 aq.                              5 g

Manganese sulphate 1 aq.                 13 g

Magnesium sulphate 7 aq.                  13 g

Zinc sulphate 1 aq.                             13 g

Potassium chloride                             75 g

Lysine HCl                                          16 g

DL-methionine                                     11 g

Sodium chloride                                  50 g

Excipients                                           up to 1 kg



A combination of vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids for administration to commercial broilers of all ages and replacement layer chicks up to

8 weeks of age.



For prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis and dehydration caused by stress during periods of high temperature or following disease.

The use of SUPERVIT BROILERS will also improve growth rates.



Add 1 g SUPERVIT BROILERS per 1 to 1.5 litres of drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days.

For maintenance after initial treatment use 1 g SUPERVIT BROILERS per 2-3 litres of drinking water continuously.



150 g sachets, 1 kg pots, 10 kg buckets.



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